iPhone 12  might interfere with medical devices  - Apple Warns about its upcoming iPhone 12 devices
New Delhi: Sat, 20 Mar 2021 23:19, by: Sangita Roy

Apple recently released warning message about the use of iPhone devices, which warns the users of iPhone devices as it could put you in danger as it might interfere with the medical devices. While some doctors have expressed concern about the use of magnets in the new iPhone devices. According to the medical research the magnets used in the iPhone found to interfere with the medical devices.

This could a warning for the users of the upcoming iPhone devices which contains more magnet and its capable of interfere with the medical devices. So, Apple is advising to contact your medical practitioner if you are implanted pacemakers and defibrillators. You should consult your doctor to find how much distance is to be maintained while using the iPhone devices.

The new iPhone devices are coming with more magnets and it might interfere with the functioning of implanted medical devices. Apple already released the warning about how iPhone products may interfere with certain medical devices.

Earlier on Feb 25, Apple detailed about how their new products might interfere with the medical devices used for the heart patients. According to the Apple statement iPhone and other MagSage accessoris might interfere with the functioning of medical devices.

The MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Duo Charger emit the radios signals which are capable of interfering with the medical devices.

Apple statement said "Medical devices such as implanted pacemakers and defibrillators might contain sensors that respond to magnets and radios when in close contact."

Apple further added "To avoid any potential interactions with these devices, keep your iPhone and MagSafe accessories a safe distance away from your device."

According to the Apple statement the safe distance is more than 6 inches and it is advisable that 12 inches distance should be maintained while charging iPhone wirelessly. According to the user this is the big problem with the new iPhone devices.

According to the company the new iPhone 12 models are expected to come with the bigger risks as these models comes with the bigger magnets.

This not good news for the iPhone users using iPhone very heavily, the new iPhone models will come with bigger magnet. According the reports the iPhone user base in increasing fast in the market. The latest iPhone model will be much dangerous as these phones might interfere with the functioning of medical devices.

According to the Apple’s release all the iPhones devices and components contains magnets "emit electromagnetic fields." The electromagnetic field can possibly interfere with medical devices. Further Apple confirms that iPhone 12 models "contain more magnets" than previous iPhones.

Apple also recommends that users using medical devices should consult their physician and medical device manufacturer for "information specific to your medical device and whether you need to maintain a safe distance of separation between your medical device and iPhone or any MagSafe accessories."

Apple further warned in a statement "Manufacturers often provide recommendations on the safe use of their devices around wireless or magnetic products to prevent possible interference. If you suspect iPhone or any MagSafe accessories are interfering with your medical device, stop using your iPhone or MagSafe accessories."

So, customer should follow the medical guideline to use the upcoming iPhone 12 device as it contains more magnets.


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