Google Stadia coming to Safari on iOS 14
New Delhi: Sat, 07 Nov 2020 22:35, by: Sangita Roy

Google might soon support the Safari browser running on the iOS 14 devices. According to the recent video released which shows the Stadia working on the Chromium based like Edge. It is assumed that it is based on the Safari browser running on iOS 14.

Google Stadia platform was launched nearly one year back and since then it was supporting Android, Web and Chromecast. There was no support for the Safari browser on the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Now Google seems working on the official support for Stadia on the Safari for iOS 14. This is going to be the official support for Stadia platform on the iOS 14 devices. So, once it is officially released iPhone and iPad users running iOS 14 will be able to run Stadia games on the Safari browser.

If you see the official Stadia website you will find that it does not have official support for the iOS devices. It is probably because of the Safari released with the iOS 13, where support for running Stadia might not present. Now with the iOS 14 Safari might be able to run the Stadia games.

With the iOS 14 mobile operating system, Apple might provide the Safari which supports Stadia games. Apple might change the browser app that identifies the User Agent, so that it identifies the to the websites to distinguish itself from the desktop version of Chrome. As of now Stadia’s web app only supports Google Chrome on Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS and Linux.

There is code spotted on Gem Stadia which shows the changes to the code of Stadia’s Web app and this code may soon be changing.

There is a new video online which shows a new browser which is not Chrome or another browser and it seems based on the Chromium based like Edge. This video shows that the browser is running Stadia game. It is according to the Gem Stadia’s interpretation, a browser Safari on iPad or iPhone.

This might be possible due to the recent effort of Google to bring Stadia on the iOS devices due to Amazon Luna support for iOS device on the Day 1 of its launch. Amazon Luna platform is also using browser on the host device to play.

As per the Apple guidelines each game title playing on the App Store must be individually submit for streaming review and approval.

Still we have to see the official announcement for the availability of Stadia games on the iOS platforms. But its good news if the Stadia support is coming to the iOS platform which will allow the iOS users to paly Stadia from their Safari browser.


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