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Rose India NewsDesk Media Pvt. Ltd. is an India-based media organization working towards providing online news content and real-time breaking news with original reporting by covering events, news, press conferences, etc. The news-current affairs portal provides you all the latest news from India and around the world.

Registered under the wing of Rose India NewsDesk Media Pvt. Ltd., we strive to provide you newsworthy and entertainment-driven content from the fields of Society, Arts & Culture, Business, Sports, Health, Science & Technologies, Gadgets, Life Style, International Affairs, Entertainment and more.

Newsdeskindia.com primarily provides you content in both English and Hindi languages, thereby trying to reach a larger mass of readers both in India and world. With a team of experienced journalists, writers, reporters, photo journalists and bloggers, we provided varied interest of content.

Besides updating the world with latest news, we also provide informative and analytical articles on relevant subjects, including relationship, women empowerment, weather, ayurveda, health and travel. As a bilingual news website, we invest our maximum energy and efforts in presenting news and articles in both Hindi and English, while we keep our platform open for other regional languages.

As an emerging online media company, Rose India NewsDesk Media Pvt. Ltd. is also working on a wide range of domains, including Politics, Technology, Scient, Sports, Finance and Health.

The company endorses and encourages ideals of grassroots coverage, media advocacy, free speech, and viewers' participations. In the new media ecosystem, our reader base is our real strength, whose feedbacks and suggestions we value the most.

We welcome the contribution from all regardless of their interest and encourage everyone to be a part of our growing community. So, if you are concerned that we have left out some core issues, please bring it to our notice. We will try our best to cover it.

You can also send your original written articles and opinion pieces that we can upload on the portal with due credit, but as per our editorial policy. With our mission to reach more of you, we value content with authenticity and facts.

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