In Karnataka's Urbal Local Body elections, the Congress party scored a significant victory.
India: Fri, 31 Dec 2021 23:22, by: Staff Reporters

On Thursday, the Congress defeated the BJP in 58 urban local bodies (ULBs) across 20 districts in Karnataka, putting the state's Assembly elections in 2023 in jeopardy.

The Congress won 58 urban local bodies (ULBs) in 20 districts in Karnataka on Thursday, beating the BJP ahead of the 2023 Assembly elections.

The Congress party came out on top, winning 501 of the 1,184 wards that went to the elections on December 27. The BJP took 433 wards, while the JD(S) took 45. In addition, 195 Independents won seats in the elections. AAP and Janata Party each won one seat, while AIMIM and SDPI each received two and six seats, respectively.

In 20 urban local governments, Congress won a majority. Meanwhile, the BJP gained 15 seats. One ULB was won by the JD(S). The rest of the ULBs have produced varied results, with no single party achieving a majority.

When looking at the overall results, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai of the BJP, claimed his party did well. He did, however, blame the losses on locations with a large minority population.

“We have performed better than the last time though we should have performed better in this election,” he said. “If you observe, as these places have concentration of minority community voters, we have not been getting good results, but this time due to efforts, in places like Gadag and others, we have got success.”

The BJP also lost in Bommai’s constituency, along with losing urban local bodies in the home turf of a couple of Ministers like B Sriramulu's Nayakanahatti town panchayat.

Karnataka Congress party chief DK Shivakumar said, “Election results in recent times have indicated a Congress wave in the state”

The results are being seen as a red flag for the BJP ahead of the 2023 assembly elections, as well as signals of anti-incumbency, despite the fact that the party claimed the losses happened in areas with a high concentration of minority voters.

The results, according to Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah, indicate the BJP's "hopeless governance."

Meanwhile, Randeep Singh Surjewala, the Congress's in-charge of Karnataka affairs, congratulated state party chairman D K Shivakumar, MLAs, and all senior party leaders on the election results.

Even though the BJP won more seats than the Congress in the five city municipal council that had gone for polls, the latter won more seats in town municipal councils and town panchayats.

However, BJP leaders have tried to play the losses for being caused by minority voters across the municipal councils where there were polls, this month. 

Chief Minister Bommai said, "If you observe, as these places have concentration of minority community voters, we have not been getting good results, but this time due to efforts, in places like Gadag and other, we have got success." 

Talking about the BJP losing his own constituency, he said, "we had never won there (in Bankapur), minority voters are 65 per cent, it won't be right for me to say more. Same is the case with Guttal, we will continue with our development work there also."

Bommani further hit back Congress claim to fame with these poll results, saying that his adversaries are dreaming about state power, in 2023, and “their dream will continue to remain a dream,” he added. 


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