Google offers Mission Critical Services (MCS) on its Cloud computing platform
New Delhi: Sat, 13 Mar 2021 22:56, by: Sangita Roy

Google recently announced to offer Mission Critical Services (MCS) on its Cloud computing platform and this service is essentially for Premium Support customers. Google’s new service will help premium customers to run their application using Google experience.

According to the recent announcement Google will start providing Mission Critical Services (MCS) on its Cloud computing platform. This service is good for the premium customers that can’t afford downtime or any issue with the application performance. This service will also help them in securing their applications all the way.

Google is focusing on to provide Mission Critical Services (MCS) support service to the premium customers running mission critical applications on the Google cloud environment. This service is for those businesses looking for collaborative service from Google for protecting their mission-critical application workload in the Google Cloud.

Google Cloud customer experience vice president John Jester said “Our customers told us they wanted to have more support as they continued to scale their businesses on our global infrastructure.”

Jester further added “So, we overhauled our Voice of the Customer Programs, expanded our Customer Advisory Boards and launched a brand-new, independently run Google Cloud customer community," in his blog post.

This announcement come at a time when Microsoft Azure adoption rate among the users are increasing fast and Microsoft announced a new data center to meet increasing demand.

The new offering will help enterprise customers in getting Google experience in running their mission critical applications. These days’ enterprises are looking for advance support for running their mission-critical workloads on the Cloud platform.

Through Mission Critical Services (MCS) support service Google is offering own experience of running reliable applications to premium customers. Google’s premium Cloud customers will be able use Google’s experience in running their mission-critical applications on the Google Cloud environment.

Under this Mission Critical Services (MCS) support Google will be working with its customers to improve client’s application architecture, application installation and monitoring process. This service will help enterprise customers in running their mission-critical applications round the clock with the help of Google’s experience.

Google will also help customers in monitoring, preventing and mitigating impacts to increase efficiency with quick response.

The new Mission Critical Services (MCS) from Google is consultative offering where companies partners with Google for offloading burden of running mission-critical applications on the Google Cloud computing platform.

When an organization partners with Google for MCS service, Google team assessing the architecture of the client application and suggests the improvements to run application as per Google’s Mission Critical Operations mode. This way companies can run their applications in Mission Critical mode with the help of Google support.

Google’s MCS team will continuously work with the vendor for continuous improvements of application, environment tune-ups and performing ongoing check-ins.

The new MCS offering from Google is an add-on to Google Cloud platform, which can be even be resold by channel partners. The MCS offering from Google will help enterprises looking for support for running their mission critical applications.

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