How COVID-19 can bring a change in technology as we know it
India: Thu, 06 Aug 2020 06:56, by: Staff Reporters

Since maintaining social distancing is the new norm, moving towards a society that is based on touchless experience can be a possibility.

Technological improvement knows no bounds. Ever since the last decade, more and more developers are aiming to develop Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as the society move towards its new era. Thus, its no surprise that increasing number of vendors are trying to incorporate the capabilities of AI in their devices.

It is believed that with machine learning will continue to bloom but the next influx of specialized advancement won't be straightforwardly identified with AI.

The next wave is likely to be about natural machine connection and interaction like gesture and voice control.

Although voice control applications are and will not be new for the world but they are in dire need of upgradation. Like back in mid 1990s, an IBM output called ViaVoice was released but it lacked the ease that one should have while operating a voice interface technology. In order to use it, one needed to stop after each verbally expressed word to give the PC time to get up to speed. This wasn't on the grounds that the PC had deficient CPU assets, but instead in light of the fact that the application couldn't figure out where single word finished and the following started except if one delayed between words.  

With the ripples in time, technology has obviously improved but its nowhere near perfect. Like the current Dragon NaturallySpeaking app is capable of following the verbal speech of a person but does make a few mistakes in encoding here and there.

Gesture control is another advancement that the technology needs to make given how in these unprecedented times, one is required to make social distancing and not be in close proximity of one another.

Back when Xbox Kinect was launched, it lacked accuracy in picking up movements but now with development in this field, Microsoft HoloLens 2 arrived which is one of the finest tech ever made for gesture reading.

Such technologies will help businesses drastically as it will make the employers, employees and the customer feel safe. For example, if someone has to withdraw money from an ATM, then that person will have to touch screen which might be infected with COVID-19. Therefore, if such ATMs can use gesture control then it will eliminate the spread of virus since the person will not touch the screen and yet get the task done.

Similarly, if in a restaurant, some vending machine had voice control technology that can encode what the buyer says and give him that very product then businesses will continue to bloom. Thus, there is no denying the fact that contactless experience is the way to go forward.


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