What to expect from DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas Virtual 2020
India: Sat, 05 Sep 2020 15:28, by: Staff Reporters

Occurring October 13 till October 15, 2020, DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas is three days of constant activity planned to catch the vitality typically seen in an in-person meeting.

Through this virtual vows to convey innovation and business pioneers in an extraordinarily captivating and intuitive experience dissimilar to some other virtual gathering.

Occurring October 13 till October 15, 2020, DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas is three days of constant activity planned to catch the vitality  typically seen in an in-person meeting.

DevOps Enterprise Summit limits participants to 3,000 so as to give every individual participant the chance to interface with their preferred speakers and offer their own accounts, difficulties and best practices with their coworkers.

The virtual Las Vegas occasion highlights featured discussions, boards, breakouts and other systems administration along with community exercises to improve the virtual learning experience for participants. Meetings will be driven by pioneers who have achieved new heights via these practices in enormous and dynamic companies over a large scale of industries.

The Las Vegas occasion will include:

* Experience reports from American Airlines, United States Air Force, Target etc

* Networking meetings using the virtual arrangement;

* Virtual book signings by notable industry writers which includes professionals like Jon Smart, Mark Schwartz, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais

* Intrigue based video organizing, whereby participants can choose and draw in with and pose inquiries of different participants or speakers

* Lean Coffee, a hands-on workshop and trade between members;

* Virtual Happy Hours for some casual networking

Prominent personalities that have achieved a lot in the digital horizons will be present in the summit. Thus, speakers to be present are-

* David Blezard, Associate Director of Academic Technology, University of New Hampshire

* Jeremy Castle, Engineering Director, State Farm Insurance

* Ross Clanton, Chief Architect, Managing Director – Technology Transformation, American Airlines

* Madhu Datla, Senior Engineering Manager for DevOps, Global Infrastructure and Systems Engineering Team, Intel

* Adam Furtado, Chief of Platform, Kessel Run, United States Air Force

* Lauren Knausenberger, Deputy Chief Information Officer, United States Air Force

* Maya Leibman, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, American Airlines

* Heather Martin, Director, Value Stream Engineering, Discover Financial Services

* Brian McCarty, Principal Technical Architect, USAA

* Jon Moore, Chief Software Architect & Senior Fellow, Comcast Cable

* Tony Ogden, Director of IT, Modern Tax Platforms, H&R Block

* Brandon Pulsipher, VP, Cloud Engineering and Operations, Adobe

* John Roe, VP, Modern Tax Platforms, H&R Block

* Edward Russell, Director, Infrastructure Tooling & Automation Product Management, Discover Financial Services

* Peter Tiegs, Principal Engineer, Intel

Talking about the event, Gene Kim, founder of IT Revolution, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Unicorn Project, and co-author of The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook and Accelerate said

"In any year, I learn the most at DevOps Enterprise Summit. While we will certainly miss seeing our community in-person in Vegas this year, we have put together an amazing virtual event that captures so much of the magic of our in-person event, and some new elements that can only be done online. I'm so excited about the programming we have put together for DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas — I am confident it will be our best yet!"

Previously, this summit was held in London which led to positive responses from the attendees.

One of the attendees, Ji Klouda, Technology Leader, SRE at Cisco Meraki was elated after attending this summit and said "I've been in person to 2017 DevOps Enterprise Summit London, and I have to say that I have enjoyed this virtual experience more. It was easier to keep track of what is going on, to engage with other attendees in the Zoom sessions, I had more "hallway" conversations than 3 years ago. And the talks have been just superb."

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