5 Important Facts You Should Know About the Coronavirus
New Delhi: Tue, 04 Feb 2020 05:56, by: Staff Reporters

The Coronavirus, known among medical professionals as Novel Coronavirus, is a major concern for global medical agencies like the WHO and the US CDC these days. The virus originated in China and has already claimed 250 lives. In the meantime, several cases of the virus and infection have appeared in the US.

Most notable patient populations concentrations have appeared in Washington, California and Arizona. At the moment, the world’s leading medical authorities are monitoring the development and spread of this virus very closely. Still, there is no much mention of a treatment, let alone a cure. That is why, the latest news is the best way to keep yourself away from this deadly infection:

Key Facts About the Novel Coronavirus You Must Know

1. Case Numbers

At present, there are only 5 confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus in the US. There are between 70 to 90 additional cases according to more resent reports. However, according to leading scientists and medical experts,  the numbers might be less. This is still pending but it would be wise to assume that the numbers will grow over the next few months.


2. Degree of Threat

The Coronavirus is considered a major threat to public life and health by leading global medical experts. The virus has an incubation period of up to one week which means symptoms may not be easily visible. The most common symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus are fever, cough and trouble breathing. Given enough time after exposure, the Novel Coronavirus is lethal often causing pneumonia and kidney failure before death. So, it is important to check with a doctor when showing symptoms or preparing for travel.


3. Best Protection Measures

The Novel Coronavirus is currently not known to spread from human to human. However, it does enter into human hosts via tainted meat and eggs. So, doctors are recommending that everyone should properly clean and cook their meat products before consumption. Other measures include washing your hands and face for at least 20 seconds before consuming anything. In many cases, doctors have advised wearing a respiratory mask in case the virus is contracted through airborne means.   


4. Travelling Protection Measures

With regard to travelling, the CDC has recommended that only very important travel dates to China should be kept on. All other non-essential travel plans ought to be put on hold until the virus is suppressed or otherwise eradicated. For those travelling to China, getting a medical checkup from a certified doctor is recommended. Further, when they are in China, they should avoid going to animal markets and even contact with animals in general.


5. Important Points to Remember

At present, there is no known cure for the Novel Coronavirus. So, if you contact it, you are likely to be quarantined in a secure medical facility and not allowed to travel. There are several medical teams across the US and the world who are working hard to find a cure. These include teams in Texas, New York and China itself. But until a cure is found, it is best to avoid all possible points of contact with the Coronavirus.


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