Nvidia RTX 5080 GPU: Features and Specification revealed till now
: Mon, 20 May 2024 18:06, by: Sangita Roy

Nvidia is coming up with the RTX 50 Series GPU late this year (in 2024). Nvidia is expected to launch RTX 5080 later this year and more models in 2025. The Nvidia RTX 5080 GPU is the most awaited GPU of the year, which is expected to be launched late this year. Here we will see how the next generation of graphics cards will look like. These GPU series are coming with the latest technologies like GDDR7 memory and ray-tracing.

Nvidia is launching GPUs in a two year cycle, The RTX 4080 GPU was launched in October 2022, while the RTX 3080 was launched in 2020. These GPUs are still in use and provide high performance in gaming and machine learning. These GPUs are also used for data processing and video randing tasks. If we see the above cycle, the Nvidia 5080 GPU is most likely to launch this GPU in late 2024.

Currently Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4080 is one of powerful GPU cards with superb performance, ray tracking, high frame rate support with frame rate-boosting DLSS 3 and higher cuda cores. All these makes this card a better option for the gamers, machine learning professional and video editing professional. The price of RTX 4080 is around $1,199 and this price is much higher.

The Nvidia RTX 5080 is expected to come with a similar price range with much more improvements and energy efficiency. But don’t know about the pricing of the upcoming Nvidia RTX 5080 GPU models. Nvidia is expected to price just before the launch of the GPU or at the time of GPU launch.

Nvidia RTX 5080 release date

As per the Nvidia release cycle, the Company is launching a new GPU every year since 2016, so this year in 2024 we are expecting the release of a new GPU. If we see these trends then we can say that the company will most probably launch a new GPU by the end of 2024. As per media reports Nvidia will launch the Nvidia RTX 5080 by the end of this year.

Earlier there was speculation about the simultaneous launch of RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 late in 2024. But now there is news about the launch of only the Nvidia RTX 5080 GPU by the end of this year.

But there is news about the launch of RTX 5090 just after RTX 5080 launch. But we don’t have a clear picture of the release of these GPUs so far from Nvidia. All these news are based on the various leaks from the different leakers. But it is sure that we are getting at least one Nvidia Blackwell graphics card this year.

Company launched Nvidia Ada Generation GPUs one or two GPUs models at one time. We are expecting the same trends for the RTX 50 series. Company will first launch RTX 5080 first followed by RTX 5070 at CES 2025. But we just have to wait and see the official information from Nvidia.

Nvidia RTX 5080 price

The price of the Nvidia RTX 5080 is still something that we don’t know at this moment. But its expected price would be somewhere around $1,199. Earlier RTX 4080 was launched at a price of $1,199, whereas RTX 3080 was launched at $699. There was a $500 difference between the price of RTX 3080 and RTX 4080. Let’s wait for the official information from Nvidia about the price of the upcoming RTX 5080.

We have no information about the price of RTX 5080, Nvidia might come up with price increase up-to $1,000 with the justification of price increase with the performance gain.

Nvidia RTX 5080 specs

The specification of the Nvidia RTX 5080 is still not out and it's behind closed doors. There are many leaks and insider rumors that indicate the specification of the upcoming Nvidia RTX 5080 GPU.

According to Prolific Nvidia leaker Kopite7kimi, RTX 5090 will feature a 512-bit memory interface. This card will be above the 384-bit ceiling of previous RTX cards. The 50 series GPU will be another flagship GPU from the Company.

There is an expectation of having GDDR7 memory in the upcoming RTX 5080 GPU. The electronic giant already developed next-gen DRAM which comes with speed improvements, and energy efficiency. While Micron already revealed its plans to introduce its own GDDR7 memory chips, which is expected to launch in the first half of 2024. From this news we can say that RTX 5080 will come in market late in 2024 with GDDR7 based RAM.

There are many leaks and rumours about the presence of PCI-e 5.0 interface with RTX 5080 GPU. The PCI-e 5.0 will further provide faster data transfer between CPU and GPU. Nowadays many motherboards come with the support for PCI-e 5.0 channel.

The 50 series is expected to feature Nvidia’s next-gen Blackwell architecture. Blackwell is next generation architecture for general-purpose, and other computing usages. The Blackwell architecture is already being used in the commercial GPUs of Nvidia for servers and data centres.

Nvidia RTX 5080 performance

The RTX 5080 will be built on the key features of its predecessors including new-gen Tensor Cores, more RT (ray tracing) cores, clock speed boost and even more GPU cores. There will be improvements in the rasterization and ray tracing along with the emergency efficiency. The RTX 5080 will be capable of running games at 8K resolution.


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