Sony to enable Expandable SSD support PlayStation 5 soon
New Delhi: Sun, 28 Feb 2021 21:44, by: Sangita Roy

According to the reports Sony is expected to enable support for Expandable SSD in PlayStation 5 by mid of this year. PlayStation 5 comes with a port for M.2 SSD storage expansion, but it is not enabled so far. This is a good news for the users of PlayStation 5  as Sony is expected to enable the M.2 SSD storage expansion on this device. Still there is no official word on enabling SSD support, but as most of the games today are very heavy in size and required lot of space, so, Sony might enable SSD storage in near future.

According to the reports new software update to PlayStation 5 will enable to the support for expandable SSD and the update will also increase the fan speed of the device. After this update users of PlayStation 5 will be able to used expandable SSD storage space for installing more games on the system. So, the new update will bring joy to the fans of PlayStation 5. There still no official word on the date of release of software updates. The Company might release official statement in coming months.

The new software update for PlayStation 5 is expected to bring higher fan speed and M.2 SSD extensible storage. This update will help users in installing more games on their PlayStation 5 gaming device. The increased fan speeds will also help in keeping the PlayStation 5 temperature under control. This news is good for lovers of PlayStation 5 device; users will be able to use their PlayStation 5 for playing more games.

This is good news for the customers who purchased PlayStation 5 and looking to extend the storage on the device. After this update users will be able to use M.2 SSD storage device to extend the current storage limit of PlayStation 5. This way they will be able to increase the space for installing more games on the PlayStation 5 gaming device. This update will allow the uses to install games on the M.2 SSD storage device attached to their PlayStation 5. Currently PlayStation 5 allows only legacy titles from PS4 and over models with external storage support. This is good news for the users of PlayStation 5 looking for extra storage space for installing games.

Currently PlayStation 5 comes with internal storage of 825GB, while uses have access of 667GB of storage space for installing games. These days most of the games require over 100GB of space and 667GB of space seems less for installing many modern games. So, external storage update will help game lovers in installing more games at the same time.


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