iPhone 16 Pro Camera Specifications Leaked: Apple iPhone 16 Pro might come with Tetraprism Lens
New Delhi: Fri, 08 Dec 2023 18:37, by: Sangita Roy

The latest iPhone 16 Pro leak suggests that there might be a tetrapism camera in the iPhone 16 Pro, which will give substantial sales growth. According to Ming-Chi Kuo's prediction, the introduction of Tetraprism Lens in the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro might increase the sales of this smartphone, resulting in sales growth for Apple.

As per the leak and this prediction, Apple is planning to bring Apple iPhone 16 Pro with major camera changes to increase sales. This way Apple might increase its market growth. It is also noted that Apple is producing iPhone 15 models in a manufacturing facility in India.

According to Kuo's predictions, Apple and Huawei are set to become the fastest growing global brands in the coming year due to use of periscope based camera smartphones in 2024.

Apple is going to launch iPhone 16 in 2024 and already there are many leaks coming online on various platforms. These leaks are providing the glimpses of the upcoming iPhone 16 and we are able to know the specs of the iPhone 16. According to the Ming-Chi Kuo recent leads, iPhone 16 will feature tetraprism telephoto lens, promising enhanced zoom capabilities. All these make the iPhone 16 series device very useful for the users. 

The recently launched iPhone iPhone 15 Pro model supports 3x optical zoom, while iPhone 15 Pro Max supports 5x optical zoom. The  tetraprism telephoto lens being used in the iPhone 16 will make this smartphone more powerful.

According to the recent post by the TF International Securities analyst , Apple is poised to include a tetraprism camera into the iPhone 16 Pro. As noted in the iPhone 15 Pro Max a new telephoto lens is added to give 5x optical zoom feature to this iPhone. New feature in iPhone 16 will bring high zoom capabilities.

According to the claim by Kudo,  iPhone 16 Pro tetraprism telephoto lens feature will help in increasing the sales and adoption among the smartphone users. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 16 series in 2024.

Largan is expected to supply  periscope lenses for both Apple and Huawei in 2024. In coming years the market of periscope lenses is expected to increase as more and more smartphone manufacturers will start adding such lenses in their smartphone models.

Periscope Lens

A periscope lens, also known as folded lens, is a special type of mechanical assembly of lens elements using a prism or mirror. The prism or mirror used in the lens redirects the light to 90 degree which then passes through the lenses to give zoom functionality. Such lenses are used in smartphones to give high optical zoom features without increasing the thickness of the smartphone.


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