Finland Coronavirus Update - Covid-19 confirmed cases rise to 7,214, Total Deaths reaches to 328 on 30-Jun-2020
Finland: Wed, 01 Jul 2020 02:38, by: Staff Reporters

Finland Coronavirus Update - Coronavirus cases climb to 7,214, Total Deaths reaches to 328 on 30-Jun-2020

In Finland total confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have increased to 7,214, while 328 people died due to the growing infection in the country.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update from around the world:

New Delhi, 30-June-2020: Here is good news about the Coronavirus vaccine, Bharat Biotech's starts clinical trials after getting approval for the human trial. There is no sign of stopping of the Covid-19 disease. Coronavirus is spreading fast around the world infecting millions of people around the world. As of now more than 110 researches is being done around the world to develop vaccine against Coronavirus. Britain, USA, China, Africa and Israel, India and other countries are working towards the development of vaccine against Covid-19.

India's first indigenous vaccine, COVAXIN is ready for human trial after getting go-ahead from the authorities.

France: France is reporting higher number of deaths but but slightly fewer people with severe conditions were admitted into ICU in past fourth day. France reported 315 deaths last day as compared to 345 deaths the day earlier. In France 133,670 confirmed cases and 14,412 deaths reported so far.

Here are the latest cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in Finland:

Sr. No. Date Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths Deaths
1. 25-Jun-2020 7,172 5 327 0
2. 26-Jun-2020 7,191 19 328 1
3. 27-Jun-2020 7,198 7 328 0
4. 28-Jun-2020 7,198 0 328 0
5. 29-Jun-2020 7,209 11 328 0
6. 30-Jun-2020 7,214 5 328 0

TOP 10 Deaths by country due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak:

1. Europe (191,478)
2. North America (167,904)
3. USA (129,060)
4. South America (84,329)
5. Brazil (58,927)
6. Asia (56,804)
7. UK (43,730)
8. Italy (34,767)
9. France (29,813)
10. Spain (28,355)
Total Deaths Worldwide (510,597)

Globally till now over 510,597 people died due to the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19). The new infection and death cases are increasing fast. Authorities in the Finland and other countries are taking proper measures to contain the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As of now Europe is the worst affected country in the world with over 191,478 deaths and 2,440,514 confirmed cases.

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