World War 3: United States may deploy its powerful Aegis Missile Defense System in Guam for protection from China.
New Delhi: Sun, 26 Jul 2020 00:11, by: Sangita Roy

United States could deploy its powerful Aegis Missile Defense System in Guam to protect the Island from China attack. The Guam Island is very important for the US operations in Pacific and US will protect this at any cost. There are media reports that China aiming its target at Guam Island. In event of US-China war, China might attack on Guam Island with missiles.

Even one event of military action from either side could push world into World War 3. The tension between US and China is at very dangerous stage; Adm. Phil Davidson warned that Chinese military could target the U.S. Island with deadly warhead like cruise and ballistic missiles.

The People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force is much capable of attacking Guam Island with 2,500-mile-range DF-26 ballistic missiles. Chinese Air Force’s H-6 bombers are also capable of executing strike at the Guam Island with 900-mile CJ-10 cruise missiles.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy’s ships are also capable of firing YJ-18 cruise missiles from around 300 miles away.  But it is still unclear about the count of such weapons China possesses. Defense experts also suspect the capability of Chinese system during war.

So, the Defense expert says that the China might attack Guam Island in event of war with United States.

US is in process of installing $2-billion-apiece Aegis Ashore facilities in Romania and Poland. The plan of installing the Aegis system in Japan was cancelled due to strong local opposition.

Now US could install another $2 billion Aegis Missile Defense Systems on Guam Island.

It is to be noted that powerful countries like Australian, Japanese, U.S., Japan and India working together to fight China threat.

US accused China of spreading Coronavirus around the world due to which millions of people around the world got infected and over 6,46,000 people died around the world.

India sees China a major threat to the global peace.


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