US Covid-19 (Coronavirus) cases: US reported 100,000 confirmed cases, becomes first country to have most confirmed cases
USA: Sat, 28 Mar 2020 09:25, by: Sangita Roy

The United States reported 100,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), with this huge number the US becomes the first country to have such a high number. Meanwhile top counties with large numbers of Coronavirus confirmed includes Italy with 86,498, China with 81,933, Spain with 65,719, Germany 50,871  and France with 33,414 confirmed cases. Till now total death count reaches 27,360 worldwide, while the confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection reaches 597,072 worldwide. This disease is already declared pandemic by the World Health Organization, WHO warned of a world large number of deaths if the virus is not contained.

The  American president also used war-time powers under the Defense Production Act for the first time in history. The US used this power to force a private company, General Motors, to increase the production of ventilators needed by hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients. The ventilators are used by doctors to treat serious Covid-19 patients.

The US reported 100,000 confirmed cases and with this the country becomes the first country in the world to report 100,000 confirmed cases. China reported 81,933 confirmed cases till now. Now the US is becoming the global epicenter of Coronavirus infection.

On Friday President Donald Trump signed into law a $2 trillion emergency spending bill aimed for the protection of American families and businesses for hardship caused by the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in the country.

It is to be noted that the US crossed 10,000 mark on March 19 and in just over 8 days the total confirmed case rose to 100,000 which is a 10 times increase in the confirmed cases. This shows how contagious the Coronavirus is. With such a high number US could become the next epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic after Italy.

“We didn’t choose it but we are going to defeat it together because we’re going to work together, and this is the first start of it,” President Trump said.

The $2.2 trillion relief package is reported to be used for direct payments to a third of Americans, unemployment benefits, and loans for businesses.

Top Countries with maximum confirmed cases:

US: 104,463

Italy: 86,498

China: 81,933

Spain: 65,719

Germany: 50,871

France: 33,414

Iran: 32,332

United Kingdom: 14,751

Switzerland: 12,928

Korea, South: 9,478

Netherlands: 8,647

Austria: 7,697

Belgium: 7,284

Turkey: 5,698

Canada: 4,758

Portugal: 4,268

Norway: 3,771

Brazil: 3,477

Australia: 3,143

Sweden: 3,069

Israel: 3,035

Czechia: 2,279

Denmark: 2,200

Malaysia: 2,161

Ireland: 2,121

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Wednesday said that the lockdowns are not enough to contain the disease. Countries should "Find, Isolate, Test, Treat" on very urgent bases.

"To slow the spread of COVID-19, many countries introduced "lockdown" measures. But on their own, these measures will not extinguish epidemics. We call on all countries to use this time to attack the coronavirus. You have created a 2nd window of opportunity," Mr  Ghebreyesus said in a daily briefing.



The confirmed cases of Coronavirus cases are increasing fast worldwide, till now 597,072 confirmed cases have been reported worldwide as per Johns Hopkins University and Medicine report.


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